Announcement: Opening for Fiction in September

We have finally whittled down our backlog of fiction — which means it’s finally time for us to reopen for fiction.

Our next open window for submissions of short fiction will be the month of September, 2015. Closer to the time, I will update our fiction submission guidelines and post the link to which stories should be sent. So, get your creative motors running and ready your best fantasy, horror, science fiction, steampunk, and wacky mashups thereof — anything goes, so long as it has a speculative element!

Note on The Raven and The Dove

In Issue 123 of Space and Time, the quote that begins Adam Corbin Fusco’s story, The Raven and the Dove, printed with a string of numbers in front of it. Those should have simply shown as ellipses. We apologize to Adam for the error.

Poetry Window is Now Closed

Thank you to all who submitted during our open window for poetry. We are now closed to new submissions until further notice.

Look for our next open window for fiction later this summer!

We are open for poetry submissions!

We are now officially open for poetry submissions until the end of this month (April). Please go to the Submissions tab for directions on submitting your work for consideration. NOTE: electronic submissions only! Thank you and good luck!

Opening for Poetry - April 1

Well, it seems we are close to exhausting our backlog of poetry. With that in mind, I’d like to announce we are going to reopen for submissions of poems on April 1, 2015. Please Like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter for any updates/reminders.

We’re not quite ready to reopen for fiction just yet, but I envision doing so this year, likely during the summer months. Please check back here, the Facebook page, or Twitter for further updates.

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