Issue #123

Spring 2015

Editor’s Geeble


  • Solvency by Kate Woodbury
  • The Raven and The Dove by Adam Corbin Fusco
  • Sciomancer by Suzanne Van Rooyen
  • Pax Animals by Joseph L. Kellogg
  • Focus by David Steffen
  • A Thousand Stones for Hesek by Gwendolyn Clare
  • In the Light of the Skeletal Moons by Samuel Marzioli
  • Dennis Innwicky Gets Back in the Game by Amanda C. Davis
  • Leashing the Muse by Larry Hodges


  • Historical Markers by Tom Byers
  • Who Are You To Weep? by L.C. Atencio
  • Alien Big Cats by Scott E. Green
  • Origami Folds by Lee Clark Zumpe
  • The Wild Vines, On The Afternoon Of First Entry Into The Void by Christopher Youngblood
  • The Mitten of Destiny by JD DeHart
  • Pulp Covers by Leonard H. Roller


  • Word Ninja by Linda D. Addison
  • Dying to be Remade: Donovan’s Brain by Daniel M. Kimmel
  • Interview with Nancy Kress by Stephen Euin Cobb
  • Review: Tales from the Dragon Precinct by Sam Tomaino
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