Issue #116 - Editor’s Geeble

Another year down.

This one was a biggie, in that it marked the 45th year that Space and Time has been in continuous publication.  Besides reaching this anniversary, 2011 saw a few other significant changes.  Allow me to hit a few highlights:

  • Launched e-versions of Space and Time. As of last issue, the .pdf was joined by a .MOBI version and, as of this issue, an .epub, as well.  Achieving this has been a goal of mine for some time, as I am a firm believer of giving readers every option possible for enjoying the magazine.  The full roster of e-versions is now available for subscription via our partnership with Weightless Books:
  • Acquired subscriber list of Realms of Fantasy. While the loss of yet another great genre fiction magazine is no cause for anyone to celebrate, the acquisition of this list allows me to offer Realms subscribers, who lost a legendary source of great fantasy fiction, another option for getting their “fix.”  Hopefully, they will enjoy their complimentary issue and subscribe, enabling Space and Time to continue and grow for another 45 years (at least).
  • Brought on two new contributing editors. I’m very pleased to announce that as of this issue, two of our regular nonfiction contributors have been made official contributing editors. Please join me in welcoming interviewer Stephen Euin Cobb and movie reviewer Daniel Kimmel to the S&T fold!

So, what’s next in 2012?  Well, here are a few things I’m considering:

  • Increase advertising revenue by hiring someone to sell ads on a commission basis. If you have an interest and the connections, please contact me at
  • Revamp the S&T website. It’s about time to makeover our web presence, expand our online offerings, and add more interactivity.
  • Explore additional social media opportunities. Perhaps some podcasts or a YouTube presence…?
  • Continue to bring you the best in fantasy, horror, and science fiction. You regular readers already knew that, didn’t you? And if you’re new to Space and Time, you soon will!

Finally, I want to thank my entire staff for all their contributions in 2011, from S&T’s fabulous roster of editors, Gerard, Diane, and Linda, to our terrific associate editors to our talented webmaster, Randy, and creative layout person, Kate.  Big thanks, also, to our many fiction, poetry, and artist contributors, without whom you’d be staring at blank pages right around now.

To steal (and mangle) a famous phrase from Star Trek, here’s to living long…and prospering!

Hildy Silverman


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